I have a dribbble invite!


Come one, come all!  Come claim my one dribbble invite.  Well, you will have to work for it. Here is the scoop:

1. You need to comment on this blog with your design that you want me to judge based off on.  I like simple.

2. You must follow me on twitter: @chris_heiden.

3. I will select the winner on Feb 1.

Good luck!



  1. SvN

    Hi and thanks for your invitation contest.

    I don’t manage to send you my picture so I invite you to judge one of my work on my last tweet. =]

    Anyway, I saw what you did on dribbble and really liked it ! Amazing job !

  2. conor

    My personal mark, simple.

    On a side note, I may be missing it. But if it doesn’t exist, it might be worth adding a home link to your portfolio site to make it easier to navigate. Using the back button in the browser to return to the index page isn’t ideal.

    I enjoyed reading about your 70.3, good luck in your next tri!

  3. Sven Andersson


    I have always been a developer, but I have also always been very interested in design, but never really dared to seriously focus on it. I love UI design, always have!

    Sadly I don’t really have a portfolio, but more random sketches, mockups and tests spread around my harddrive and desk…
    But here are two mockups, (one quite old, and one newer), that I like but would need some constructive criticism:

    I would love an dribbble invite, it would enable me to get some creative feedback from professionals. :)

    My prospect account: http://dribbble.com/andsve


  4. Eugeniu Borsevschi

    Hey Chris,
    Thanks man for sharing your invitation, that’s really appreciated by us, great designers like you to become a big part of dribbble creatives community.

    Oh, here is what I’m currently work on. New Kids App game “Calipso” https://www.box.com/s/a8vv23qzk5di49k1f69c

    Please, do not judge strong :), still in process

    My email “kidsjoyapp@yahoo.com” ,in case you decide to choose me, and Thank you in Advace ;)

    cheers man, have a rush creative mind

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